Hello, Australia!

This website is an emergency, general info, road issues website designed to bring you information from across the country as a live stream. So before you make that trip across your state border or to check for events near home, visit us often from your desktop, tablet or mobile device for current events.

Today we have the circumstance where public situational awareness has become more apparent. Government and private sectors are now distributing many sources of preventative information with real-time data delivered directly to the general public. Many of local council and state websites run specific information during community crisis moments but generally lay dormant until it affects a larger number of constituents, this is not so handy if disaster is in progress within a localised area and a state of emergency has not been declared.

HazAlerts aims to make use of social media (Twitter, Facebook, website RSS feeds, custom messages, etc...) and collate the available information together into a single format at a single location. We have determined to make the information viewer friendly across multiple platforms and screen sizes no matter the desktop monitor or mobile device screen size. We hope it comes in handy for you, your family and business every day and in times of crisis.

One site, one source!